Primary Health Care Centre, Panvel – Samruddhi Ugale
Primary Health Care Centre, Panvel – Samruddhi Ugale

Primary Health Care Centre, Panvel – Samruddhi Ugale

Architectural Design Studio Projects by Students of Semester 4, 2019-2020.
3. Project by: Samruddhi Ugale

The objectives of the design studio were aimed for students to design spaces suitable for lifestyle in the rural/semi-urban areas, conserve natural surroundings and social fabric suitable for communities, understand and provide the specific infrastructure required for communities, and combination of built and unbuilt spaces for cluster and communities.

Thakurvadi, Panvel is situated on the outskirts of Panvel city and offering scenic views of the Sahyadris. The village also served as the last motorable stop for the trek to Prabalmachi village.

The nearest primary health care centre is situated at 6.3 km from the village. The nearest private clinic is located at 4km from the village. These clinics do provide for basic health check-ups, but for blood tests, imaging and other investigations, the villagers of not only Haltep but neighbouring ones, have to travel to Panvel. In monsoon, there are often cases of flooding, shutting down of roadways hinders the movements to and from the village. The village thus has a strong need to house a Primary Health Care Centre.

Studio Instructors: Ajay Ghag, Khushboo Aadhiya, Manasi Chokshi, Rajan Subhedar, Riddhima Khedkar, Subin Selva

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