The Survival Cube
The Survival Cube

The Survival Cube

Architectural Design Studio Projects by Students of Semester 1, 2020-21

With the world at a standstill where people were stuck in their homes, looking for an escape while escaping from a virus at the same time, one’s imagination power was the only superpower that could take one places. Freedom, in some sense, is created by the consciousness of the minds, unleashing the thoughts that develop while staying at home, isolated from the everyday life and practices which sounded alien now.

In the Architectural Design studio, along with the anthropometry and ergonomic basics introduced earlier, the opportunity was used to convert the studio into an exciting learning process through the concept of pandemic and isolation. It strongly tended to shape the minds of its students in semester 1 to imagine and create playful spaces, one that relates to them. The brief was to design a space made just for them, which sparked from their childhood fantasies and imagination.

With the boundaries of the space-limited only to a 4x4m cube, they were given the freedom of using their personal preferences as their design choices.

The process was broken into small parts to make it flow smoothly and cohesively. A narrative was asked, where one would don a role which would further lead to them going into isolation and testing the creative ways the students’ minds would go to in the process. Writing a detailed description helped detail out the location that the isolation would take place, and eventually, the cube would be placed too. With three activities being the basic needs for surviving, two other activities of the students’ choice were incorporated in the design. The whole process included sketching the location they had created, sketching the interiors and exteriors of the cube while learning how solids and voids enhance the complexity of a cube. Students were given cognitive freedom and allowed their creative end to develop and understand the basics of spaces while also breaking stereotypes.

Despite the unfortunate pandemic during the semester, the design studio was conducted remotely, and the whole process resulted in dynamic outcomes; a cube just for you.

Studio Guides
Ajay Ghag
Archana Thakur
Pratik Dhanmer
Sejal Ghag
Shilpa Sharma
Vivek Korlekar

Project by Shatakshi Sawant

Project by Akash Kamble

Project by Anushree Walke

Project by Aabha Bhamare

Project by Mohit Chitnis

Project by Srishti Dusane

Project by Aryan Morye

Project by Anshula Takwale

Project by Manav Jagtap

Project by Rucha Subhedar

Project by Mellisa Fernandes

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