Written by Shreya Manjunath, Roshini V, Muskan Ranka

Beyond the great river flowing downwards lies the quaint city of Kiara. At first glance, the city doesn’t look like much but try not to be fooled by its appearance. Sometimes one feels like they’re standing on top of a volcano but as time passes it feels like one is transported among the tall conifers. The city provides the travellers with solutions for protecting their feet against the hot sea of asphalt, these shields are handcrafted from the finest skin and are also pleasing to the eye. Upon arriving here try not to be overwhelmed with the aroma of spices that hit your nose. The meal is sure to set your tongue on fire and drive your heart and stomach to content. Rarely do travellers visit Kiara for reasons not related to satisfying their spirit. The city’s holy stone residence is known far and wide for its magic and wonder. It holds great importance in the hearts of those who believe. This is not all what Kiara is about. In the middle of the city, there is a place where the earth is punctured. This puncture now proves to be a recreational spot for all of Kiara’s habitants. The prejudices regarding a new place and its people are shattered in Kiara, this is a place where one feels right at home outside of one. Conversing emerges as an issue only if one is unwilling. If one was to compare Kiara to a settlement, chances are they would probably take ant hill as an example –lanes are narrow, the population is to the maximum but this doesn’t hinder their sense of community and brotherhood. The remnants of Kiara’s past can be seen all over its territory. The glory of Kiara lies in two time periods living and breathing together harmoniously, side by side.


IMG_4868 (1)
Model representing the city presented in the narrative

The story is an outcome of the elective ‘Abstract Design Thought: Cities’. The assignment involved abstraction of a historic city which was recently visited by the students. It was then presented in the form of a descriptive narration supported by models.

Instructors: Chaitra Sharad, Sanket Mhatre

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