FOOD FACTORY: Reimagining Girangaon
FOOD FACTORY: Reimagining Girangaon

FOOD FACTORY: Reimagining Girangaon



The Design Narrative is rooted in the heritage of the setting which played a crucial role in building the city of Mumbai as the financial capital of the country. The locality of Byculla and its surrounding areas were known as ‘Girangaon’ or Mills Land stating their importance in the identity of the context and its population. The abandonment of the mills led thousands of locals to lose their livelihood and sense of belonging. The mills represented a source of commerce but also a whole Mill Culture that developed for the context of ‘Girangaon’ without which the region has lost its urban identity. The design intervention aims at creating a public space that revamps the image of the locality, Bringing the diverse communities of Byculla as one cohesive whole like the mills once did. The intent is to reinterpret the Mill Typology and its essence in a spatial, visual and symbolic way to give a reminiscence of the heritage that once was. The goal ultimately, is to reactivate the neighborhood and add to its imageability.

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