Virtual Field Visit was to create a virtual environment for our little ones, to explore and to organize a field trip as a gift in the form of a unique experience. Informal learning experience which took children beyond the classroom to nurture their imagination, joy of spirit, happiness and curiosity, was the goal of virtual field visit.

NEKG had organized first ever planned virtual field visit to “Helicopter Park” on 29th December 2020 for Sr.KG children. The moment we gathered online, children were thrilled with excitement. They were all set with bag, tiffin box, water bottle and cap. Playtime and happiness are essential to help tiny tots to grow. Each child was excited about the outdoor adventure. We all left our home and felt as if we are about to board the bus. Children were jumping and running in their house.

GET SET AND GO…The bus was full of chatters and songs.
Wheels of the bus go round and round.....
Let us go, let us go to the Helicopter park …Hurray!
Each word brought smile on their face.

Finally we reached the helicopter park. Eye catching video clips with sounds were shown. Children imagined themselves as pilot and passengers. They buckled their seat belt and were thrilled for the helicopter ride. Children enjoyed whirring sound, blades spinning of main rotor and hovering of helicopter.

Ready for takeoff 1...2…and 3.....

They felt they are flying high. The ride began from Worli Sea link towards Bandra. Children were encouraged to view the city below, why things looked smaller from that height. Students understood and appreciated flying, helicopter ride, amazing bird’s eye view, the blue sea water and the sea link.

Mini KG enjoyed online virtual field trip on 30th December 2020 to the Zoo.
The tiny tots were super excited to say “pom..pom, here we go...Let us go to the Zoo.

We showed them different kinds of animals and birds. Children heard the sounds of each animal and bird and learnt information about them.

It was fun to hear the lion roar, and the elephant trumpet.
Jr.KG enjoyed online virtual field trip on 30th December 2020, to the Aquarium.

Wow... what amazing fishes they saw, big ones, small ones, red ones and blue ones, and the jelly fish moving on the screen was a magnificent sight.

Parents were happier and involved to share the passion. Children enjoyed the virtual field visits. It was difficult to bring children back from the thrilling and happy mood. All children proceeded to cafeteria for tiffin time. Children enjoyed their favourite tiffin packed by mother, especially for the Field Visit, though eating in the home environment.

It was super excitement and joy as children enjoyed the VIRTUAL FIELD VISITS, confined in their own homes, but virtually being transported to another environment.

Parents’ feedback was overwhelming, as they too were excited, packing tiffins for their kids and sharing a joy ride with them into the imaginary world.

22/12/2020 A Report on Jam Sandwich


It is just not about eating a healthy fruity jam sandwich, but cooking has its own benefits for the five-year olds. Cooking can help children learn and practice some basic math concepts and build language skills, as well as train the children with their dexterity and fine motor skills.

The experience of creating different food items will build their self-confidence and lay the foundation for healthy eating habits.

Keep this in mind, NEKG had organized an ONLINE WORK EXPERIENCE SESSION OF PREPARING “JAM SANDWICH”, on 22nd December 2020.

Children first made Chef Caps for themselves from paper, wore the caps and got to work. It was great fun for the Senior KG children, to prepare a Jam sandwich on their own, with a little help from their teacher and mummy, spreading jam on the bread, watching the shapes and learning them, as mother cut the square sandwich into two triangles. Then they all ran to the kitchen to search for a bowl, which helped shape the sandwich into a lovely circle.

Each one of them made a yummy and delicious sandwich, and the most exciting part was, to relish the sandwich made by themselves.

Children thoroughly enjoyed this Online work experience of preparing Jam Sandwich, which has surely left a memorable mark in the minds of the children, parents and teachers as well.

18/12/2020 Science and Sensorial experience on Air

“Kindergarten children are confident in spirit, infinite in resources and eager to learn. Everything is still possible.” – Robert Fulghum.

Science is taught, as early as the Kindergarten. The main aim to include this subject in Kindergarten is—

• To prepare children for understanding scientific principles, so they can delve into the basics of science through observation, fostering their innate curiosity and urge to explore.

We had arranged an online class for children, the topic being: AIR

To know air, is to feel it. So, we began with the sensorial experience, to feel air on the palms. Children enjoyed the tingling sensation of air lightly blown on their tiny palms. It was fun blowing pieces of paper in air, and collecting them while singing…Bits of paper...

It was then BALLOON TIME, when all the children blew air into little balloons, knowing that air gives shape to the balloon.

When they formed the bubbles in water, and dancing papers in a bottle, it was for them joyful learning, understanding what wonders the air can do.

As a follow up, children enjoyed blow painting activity, exploring their creative talents.

In this manner our tiny kids learnt properties of Air in play way method. It was, indeed, joyful learning.

Vision Mission


Kindergarten - Nurturing buds today for tomorrow's colourful bouquet.
Primary - An environment that nourishes the health,safety and well being of one and all.
Secondary - To become an exemplary Institution which will build on its existing base & strive to meet the changing educational needs of the society at all levels in continuous search of excellence with a dedicated team of teachers, staff and management.


Kindergarten - We try to create eagerness in children by providing them opportunities to explore, to enquire, to gather experience which ultimately leads to education.
Primary - To provide quality education and enhance each and every child's potential.
Secondary - To develop and nurture all-round abilities in students who can leave their mark in different fields of the socio-economic system globally.