25/04/2019 Summer Camp

Summer camp for Mini/Jr./Sr. children was organized on 25th, 26th and 30th April, 2019 by our Head Ms. Bharati Godse. Apart from academic excellence the objective of summer camp was to make maximum use of kids holidays and teach new skills of language, craft and drawing. Summer camp was based on various activities and games such as story building, dramatization of mythology stories, making simple craft article and colouring outline pictures. Competition was arranged such as memory game, colouring the picture and making paper bag for Mini/Jr. and Sr. Three best entries were awarded by our Head during this summer camp.

17/04/2019 Drawing Workshop

This workshop was conducted by our Head Ms. Bharati Godse for NEKG staff on the occasion of World Art Day. Mrs. Vijaya Parkar was invited as facilitator at the workshop. Mrs. Parkar illustrated easy and quick process of various painting. She showed us finger painting, thumb painting, envelope –warli painting and scenery canvas painting. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn different drawing skills. Teachers were thrilled to draw and fill colours through simple tricks.

Vision Mission


Kindergarten - Nurturing buds today for tomorrow's colourful bouquet.
Primary - An environment that nourishes the health,safety and well being of one and all.
Secondary - To become an exemplary Institution which will build on its existing base & strive to meet the changing educational needs of the society at all levels in continuous search of excellence with a dedicated team of teachers, staff and management.


Kindergarten - We try to create eagerness in children by providing them opportunities to explore, to enquire, to gather experience which ultimately leads to education.
Primary - To provide quality education and enhance each and every child's potential.
Secondary - To develop and nurture all-round abilities in students who can leave their mark in different fields of the socio-economic system globally.