10/04/2023 to 21/04/2023 Summer Camp

A Summer Camp was organized at IES NEKG School from 10th April to 21st April 2023 for SR. KG children. The camp was equally distributed in periods from various skills, fun, and learning.

Every day the Summer Camp began with a beautiful prayer. The summer Heroes and Champions were excited, thrilled, and fresh in the morning. To balance their energy level, children did yoga followed by health and fitness exercises. Playing in the soil was great fun. Different games were played in the fresh air, sunshine, and on the open spacious playground.

A place for delightful experiences happened during cookery time. Little Chefs enjoyed mixing, adding simple ingredients, and happiness to make their new recipe. Children enjoyed arranging, sequencing, learning new words logical thinking, and analyzing the process. The most attractive, motor skill was captured during pounding the peanuts.

Curiosity sows the seeds of ‘Science’. Different activities on ‘Air’ and ‘Water’ helped children to think ‘Tell me why’ & ‘How’ during science experiments.

Experiments with balloons, marbles, etc. related to air were done by kids. To inculcate the values of environmental awareness and love for nature, planting activities with watering and care of plants were done every day.

Children enjoyed the fantabulous activity of making pots. The school had invited a potter, who helped little ones to mould the wet clay into different articles. Children were proud to see their creations. Creativity is so important for the exploration of self.

The dance period was a fascinating time to develop their social and emotional development. Children were energetic and happy to perform dance steps without any inhibitions.

To imbibe values, discipline, and etiquette children enjoyed stories, reading, and puzzles during ‘Library period.

Children wrote their own Summer certificates in beautiful handwriting.

Children made paper bags and cones from old newspapers.

On the last day, i.e. 21st April, Parents were invited to view the presentation by the children. Children showcased the prayer, games, and activities related to science, reading games, danced, enacted skits, and told the recipes to their parents.

Children were felicitated with certificates. The children took their plants and clay lamp, pot, and piggy bank in the paper bag.

Children distributed bhel in self- made paper cones to their parents.

Parents were happy to observe theunique and exciting experience.

Vision Mission


Kindergarten - Nurturing buds today for tomorrow's colourful bouquet.
Primary - An environment that nourishes the health,safety and well being of one and all.
Secondary - To become an exemplary Institution which will build on its existing base & strive to meet the changing educational needs of the society at all levels in continuous search of excellence with a dedicated team of teachers, staff and management.


Kindergarten - We try to create eagerness in children by providing them opportunities to explore, to enquire, to gather experience which ultimately leads to education.
Primary - To provide quality education and enhance each and every child's potential.
Secondary - To develop and nurture all-round abilities in students who can leave their mark in different fields of the socio-economic system globally.