January 2023 Makar Sankranti

The festival of Makar Sankranti, which enlightens every one’s life with the warmth of glory and happiness was celebrated in our KG with kids.

Children made kites to stick in their Art books.

They also enjoyed kite flying activity on the vast school playground. Kites were flown using soft cotton threads. Care was taken to see that no bird was hurt because of our festival celebrations.

Project on Makar Sankranti was explained and discussed by teachers on the same. All-time favorite Tilladdoos were distributed and everyone greeted each other in a traditional way.

23/12/2022 Christmas Celebrations

The winter season brings along with it a pleasant, jolly atmosphere, and amuch-awaited festival "Christmas", the birth of Jesus Christ which is celebrated on 25th December all over the world.

IES NEKG celebrated Christmas on of 23rd December 2022, providing children an opportunity to experience a joyful outlet to their vibrant enthusiasm. The day began with teachers showing project on Christmas and explaining about the crib, the birth of Jesus, the Christmas tree, Santa Claus and the gifts. Astory on Christmas was shown giving information about the festival, followed by singing Christmas carols and dancing to the tune of "Santa is coming to town", making the atmosphere lively and festive. Kids’ joy knew no bounds with Santa visiting each class and dancing with them, a wave of excitement spread with small Santa’s stealing the show by their performance. The delightful mood was carried on by children relishing delicious cake. The celebration was filled with happy and joyful moments which the children enjoyed to the fullest.

December 2022 JUNGLE SAFARI

Teaching children to be kinder to animals today is our only hope for a kinder world tomorrow.

The students of IES NEKG have observed "Jungle Safari" as the theme for the month of December.

The theme of the jungle and the animals living there was explained to the children using puppets, models, rhymes, songs, stories and informative videos.

Students of Mini, Jr., and Sr. KG dressed as wild animals such as lions, tigers, elephants, monkeys, zebras, etc. They enacted the same and came to know the real sounds and habitats of different wild animals. They demonstrated their understanding of the living things around them, as well as their care and concern. The theme helped the students enhance their language skills, social skills, and emotional skills. It also helped the students become confident speakers. The best part was that the costume was prepared with materials available at home.

09/12/2022 Sea Animals

It was a fun filled day on 9th December 2022 as all children were ready for the puppet show, ‘The Awesome World of Sea Friends.” The puppet show focused on the wonderful sea animals, their habitat, the sea and the importance of a healthy sea and ocean through play way learning.

The puppet show was a part of the monthly theme: ‘Sea Friends’. Children met the sea friends in myriad ways, through models, projects, cutouts and dramatising them.

Children dramatisedall, from small fish to special sea animals like the sea horse, octopus, sea star, jelly fish, tortoise, turtle, dolphin, shark and whale. Mini KG children looked adorable in creative, comfortable, and handcrafted outfits by parents.

Jr. KG children spoke on the uniqueness of different sea animals. Sr. KG had a fun and wonderful idea of sticking pictures, and cutouts of sea animals to display the project of ‘SEA FRIENDS’.

Children enjoyed and enacted the sea friends, building a new vocabulary with words like waddling, swimming wiggling, moving, and snapping of sea friends. Some exciting moments included touchinga real fish !

Children sang songs and watched various educational videos on the smart board.

This month was a joy for learning. Awareness was created through the messages,

Save Animals and Say No to Plastic.
Keep the water bodies clean.
Imbibe the value: Be kind to the Sea Friends.

02/12/2022 Annual Concert

IES New English Kindergarten & Balodyan celebrated Annual Concert on 02.12.2022 with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Ms. Fatima Pereira, Ex-Head, St. Joseph School, (Kandivli West), graced the occasionas the Chief Guest.

The programme commenced following the Indian culture of "Lighting of the ceremonial Lamp," by the Chief Guest.

Each and every child of the Mini, Junior and Senior KG participated in the programme which included items like Ishastavan, action songs, drama and folk dance. The children rocked the stage with their talent, performance and confidence.

The Chief Guest, Ms. Fatima Pereira appreciated the efforts of the little ones and conveyed message to the parents.

The show received a lot of appreciation from the Parents for the enthusiasm and zeal of the children along with the tremendous efforts of the teachers.

The programme concluded with a vote of thanks followed by the National anthem.

Vision Mission


Kindergarten - Nurturing buds today for tomorrow's colourful bouquet.
Primary - An environment that nourishes the health,safety and well being of one and all.
Secondary - To become an exemplary Institution which will build on its existing base & strive to meet the changing educational needs of the society at all levels in continuous search of excellence with a dedicated team of teachers, staff and management.


Kindergarten - We try to create eagerness in children by providing them opportunities to explore, to enquire, to gather experience which ultimately leads to education.
Primary - To provide quality education and enhance each and every child's potential.
Secondary - To develop and nurture all-round abilities in students who can leave their mark in different fields of the socio-economic system globally.